This was an interesting read for librarians and information professionals familiar with abstract services.  It just goes to show that  the theories and principles of good information are still relevant.

When you can take a topic and provide summaries and publish them in a blog form.   Looking at Backnotch, the summaries are precise and key elements from the original source are included. It is interesting to note that:

The Backnotch service is similar to a traditional abstracting service.

The beginnings of vertical files.

It seems that those who wish to provide information about a topic can truly make the vertical blog the new vertical file in our online world.  It will be interesting to see if Backnotch continues the service.  So often information professionals can find a great resource and then suddenly the producer backs off and a gap returns.

For now, the Backnotch blog seems to be the perfect abstracter for all things crooked in Angola.  Interesting reading.

Constance Ard
April 29, 2011