Last week Answer Maven Solutions sat down to a full-scale demo of Venio Systems from one of the co-founders, Chris Jurkiewicz.  Right off the bat, Mr. Jurkiewicz stated that a key difference in Venio and some of the other e-discovery solutions is that it is a software solution that relies on strategic partnerships.

The strategic partners find that they work with a well developed software product that has strong scaling capability that works from a single laptop install to a networked hardware solution, depending upon the size of the job at hand.

A few of the keys that we noted were:

  1. Embedded Objects are handled and things such as logos in email signatures are identified and can be discarded from the processed data.
  2. Strong language capabilities
  3. Ever present navigation allows users to switch from task to task
  4. Strong search and filtering components
  6. Flexible reporting

There were some things that we asked that had not been built yet. I’m sure Chris is a stand up guy that meant it when he said “We have the capability of building the digital voice data component when the market is ready.”

Answer Maven prefers to be ahead of the curve so that’s why we ask those important questions.  As you search for your own e-discovery solutions preparing for the future is a necessary consideration.

Venio veers towards a solid software strategy and continues to build strong partnerships that drive them forward in the market.

Note: No payment was received for this opinion.