In e-Discovery Education and Certification  long-time eDiscovery expert Ralph Losey provides a constructive discourse on the benefits and debate surrounding certifications.  I was particularly interested to read that he is dedicated to the education component.  I could not agree more about the need for continuous learning in this field.

Mr. Losey explains:

There is no magic pill, a wisdom CD can’t be inserted into you brain. This perennial quest for understanding has always required hard work, which is why I think my e-Discovery Team training is effective. It requires a minimum of fifty hours of work to complete.

I am proud that Answer Maven invested in the OLP eDiscovery for Techies program. We learned some and reiterated some of our existing knowledge.  There were some things about the program that did not meet expectations.  However, I feel that the legitimacy of the certification can at least open a door with professionals who may question our background.  We know we are experts in Information Management and Data Mapping but they don’t.