Tomorrow I will be presenting to attendees at the Kentucky Chapter of SLA The Seed 2020 Business Case for Social Media .  One may wonder, why I would present a “business case” to a room full of information professionals.

The truth is that information professionals in universities and corporations are educators and first adopters.  So while everyone is just now jumping on the social media bandwagon, librarians in the academic community have been training and teaching the rest of the world how to use it and how to use it well.

Now that 57% of  respondents, according Social Software in Business Survey (September 2009),  are dedicating employee resources to corporate social media; the business case is growing in importance. (Source:  Information Today January 2010)

Information professionals in corporate and special libraries must lead the strategy and implementation of use for successful social media.  This medium, is a cornerstone of information and must be incorporated into the overall view of Knowledge Management.  Organizations that place a high value on information must also dedicate resources to social media.

Constance Ard