As I get more ingrained in the world of search technologies for enterprises, I am learning more and more about how to maximize investments and get good user results.

So when I ran across this Beyond Search post, “From SharePoint Semantics to Text Radar” and read the introductory paragraph I put it into my file of “read more closely” items.

SharePoint has been a go to search solution for Microsoft users. The limits were recognized but the availability and access were attractive. Then along came social content and the need to drive business decisions with access to content and the inadequacies were more apparent and a little les acceptable.

The offering of a high quality “abstract” service that really dives into the solutions available to make SharePoint perform better is worth taking note.

As the article states:

Organizations wanting to go “beyond SharePoint” have no easy way to keep track of the interrelated developments in these niches, said Stephen E Arnold, founder of Augmentext. “Our team of librarians and researchers will be looking for important articles and relating those articles’ key points to other companies, issues, and management factors. Technology is no longer enough to deal with the “beyond SharePoint” shift.”

The fact that Arnold and his team uses librarians and researchers to track the world of search and analytics, gives credence to the importance of high quality vetted information. If you are drowning in big data when what you really need is a way to pull out intelligent decision drivers then TextRadar may be a source for you.

Constance Ard, September 10, 2012

Authors Note: I am associated with Augmentext and ArnoldIT.