I was intrigued to read a post over at TaxoDairy, a blog hosted by my friends at Access Innovations. “One Size Fits All Taxonomies” caught my attention because I’m a firm believer that all taxonomies, especially those at the enterprise level, need custom fits. Then I realized that the author was really calling into question WAND Inc.’s behemeth solution to taxonomies.

Many of the companies I work with are so small that the great and accurate work that can be done by Access Innovations isn’t the best answer. As the author explains:

Pre-set taxonomies and automated classification and tagging can be tempting, but as we all know, cookie cutter indexing isn’t comprehensive.

I totally agree that cookie cutter indexing has its flaws. However, after having created several custom taxonomies, I see the joy of a machine assisted taxonomies.  I think the blend of human and computer can work in the right environment.

Constance Ard November 17, 2011