It seems the ink is dry the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted. Marketwatch released the Symantec Completes Acquisition of  Clearwell System this morning.  This acquisition seems to be   a trend  setter in eDiscovery solutions.

The promised solution is designed to combine Symantec’s  information management and Clearwell’s eDiscovery processing into a single system.

The acquisition of Clearwell brings together the industry’s leading archiving, backup and eDiscovery offerings to provide customers one of the most comprehensive information management solutions available. Organizations will be able to reduce costs and risks while streamlining their eDiscovery workflow for litigation, investigations and regulatory compliance. In addition, this acquisition is expected to provide future product integration opportunities with Symantec backup and security, by leveraging Symantec NetBackup, Data Loss Prevention and Data Insight.

As with most acquisitions in the technology field I suspect there will be some kinks to be worked out.  It all sounds good and overall I think this combinations offers a lot of promise.  What I don’t think is that it takes the human element out of the information management sector of preparing for and responding to requests.

I look forward to watching the progress of this marriage and seeing what innovative solutions they offer.  I caution those who are expecting the offspring to be a solution that doesn’t need to be managed to think about screaming children at a pool on a hot summer day.  Sometimes they need to be sat down and monitored and talked to (i.e. managed) before they can be released again.

Constance Ard July 11, 2011