In Oce Business Services CaseData Document Review System Introduces Streamlined Collaboration for eDiscovery we are introduced to product enhancements for the CaseData system.

In eDiscovery it’s all about speed and accuracy.  CaseData’s latest enhancements are offering ways to improve both and allow for greater collaboration.

Several of the enhancements mentioned are intriguing and provide promise including support for dual monitors and the document family and email thread conflict warning.

The article describes the collaboration feature:

Another new feature, review edit tracking, improves collaboration by enabling document review teams to more quickly track individual reviewer decisions, such as whether a document is relevant or confidential. This capability is important because reviews can become inconsistent and it is critical minimize risks associated with inconsistency.

The cost of eDiscovery processing can be high.  Technical features that allow for speed and accuracy and risk management are good offerings to make.  We still stand by the preparation piece of eDiscovery to reduce risks.  Good information management protocols can go a long ways to preparing for the next steps in any discovery demand.

Constance Ard June 28, 2011