I am currently working on setting my goals and objectives for my term as Chair of the SLA Legal Division.  I’m very lucky to be following the footsteps of our current chair, Martha Foote who takes organization and procedures to new heights and makes my work ahead much easier.

One of the key things that I want to accomplish is the more frequent and broader communication with our members and potential members.  This requires a lot of strategy because Social Media will play an important role.  Our current methods are the foundation of our communication and I want to use social networking to build upon that foundation.

I will apply the skills and talents of many of our members along the way to help make this a successful building project.  I have learned many things as I advise my clients about using Social Media to promote their core product and I will apply that same advice to my work with the Legal Division.

The Division was founded in 1993 and our website, looks like it might have been created at that inception.  Priority number 1 is to execute a plan to update our website.  The goal is to make it so that the people responsible for content such as officer and committee reports could upload the data themselves.  Of course control is a necessity for this work too.  All of the necessary parameters are floating through my head as I weigh pros and cons against dreams and necessities.

Now, you may wonder why I’m telling you about my work for the Legal Division.  The truth is, that I know that I will need to practice what I preach in my work as Chair.   I will need to employ strategy about what tools we should use.  We will need to be clear and concise about what we will allow and what is not allowed.  I will need to  relate goals, objectives and actions to our Executive Board along with a balanced view of what will work and what I recommend so that they can consider carefully the options being offered.  In short, I must be strategic across the board in this work.

Social Media work can not be done in a vacuum.  It takes the knowledge and skills of many.  I am confident that the many people I will be working with will ensure that this goal of improved and more frequent communications will be a success.

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