One of the things I enjoy most about being the Answer Maven is the diversity of work I am involved in.  After a coffee date with a friend of mine on Labor Day that diversity really hit home.  She and I were discussing the fact that we are both willing to risk the unknown in order to be satisfied with our daily work and intellectual engagement.

As Miller and I work towards the launch of an official website – stay tuned for details – one of the things I want to write about is defined as a “Business Case” but to me the work I do with my clients is more than a textbook type of business problem and solution.  Engaging in the information problems my clients face to reach their objectives means I think beyond the immediate problem.

For instance, my work as the Social Media Manager for Workshop means that as I find information suitable for their growth and development I share it.  My work on a project that was targeted for a custom taxonomy grew into content management protocols that will result in the increased ability to find information.

I am never satisfied with putting my clients needs in a single box.  If something I can do or share with them or suggest that they do will help them develop into a better business or grow or solve an additional problem, I want to give them the opportunity to apply that suggestion.

My success is only as successful as my client.  Being an information professional allows me a tremendous amount of freedom and flexibility in serving my clients because while not all business challenges are about information, all business uses information.

Taking a taxonomy project and transforming it into an overall information workflow project will benefit the company as they apply protocols to archive data, use the taxonomy and think about how they create information in their own collaborative environment.  Knowing that I helped the client see beyond the immediate problem and found a way to solve into the future is a very satisfying and diverse part of my work.

I can’t wait for the next challenge to come along.

Constance Ard