So today, the news is hot off the press release that Answer Maven has expanded our services and formalized a partnership that we know will bring you solutions.  With that expansion and partnership comes a new website.  I’m excited to make this announcement because I’m well past  (and I’m looking for wood to knock on right now) the 18 month window in which most new business ventures fail.

Now failure isn’t all bad but I much prefer to succeed.  Miller Montague did the design and content uploads for the new website and as he worked through everything my faith in having Miller as a consulting partner for Answer Maven was newly affirmed.  I have little patience and less talent for that type of project.  I can give you content but don’t ask me to make it look good.

The good news is, that with Miller on board, Answer Maven can delve into the hot topic of e-discovery with someone who has a strong technical knowledge as well as the content management experience.  Miller and I have similar backgrounds:

  • Former law firm librarians
  • Current Independent Information Consultants
  • Content Management & Project Management Experience

We knew that our networks, our interests and our experiences would be good complements to each other and that we would be able to offer our clients excellent service either as a team or individually.

Miller has more passion for some of the law firm services than I do and I think he knows my passion is truly with the Project Management side of the business.  Together or separately our solutions will serve information companies well.  We are currently working on a proposal for some CLE programs for the Fayette County Bar.  Once that proposal is finalized and, we hope, approved, announcements will be made here on the blog and on our new site.  We both enjoy research and we love finding ways for our clients to apply social media into their own business strategy.

We are currently working up a menu of training sessions that might be of interest to law firms.  As always, our services are truly designed to fit our customer’s needs and desires.  If you need assistance with any information related business problem, we are happy to help you find the right solution.

Constance Ard, Owner Answer Maven

Author’s Note:  My blog is a marketing venue and while most of the time I prefer to share usable information that will allow you to apply my thoughts and solutions to your problems I do step out boldly on occasion to sell my consulting services.  Now is one of those bold times.