Perhaps I should consider rereading Shakespeare soon. I’m going to drift outside of the e-Discovery world today and hit upon social media management.

Yesterday, I met with an attorney who recently hung out her own shingle.  She like most new small and solo business owners, struggles with the balance of having work today and being so busy that she doesn’t have time to market to get the business for tomorrow.

We met to talk about Answer Maven’s Social Media Management product. As we talked it became clear to me that she was not yet ready for my services. Not that she didn’t need to be using social media to her best advantage but she just wasn’t in a position to need someone else doing the management right now.

So, I actually steered her towards an hour of training on how to use such tools as HootSuite and Tweetdeck to maximize her time and effort with the services she wants to use.

It definitely was not time for her but as she grows and finds that she needs to spend more time running her business then she might want to consider engaging someone to serve as her authentic voice in this wild new world.  On the other hand, I have added a few clients to my roster who are busy enough running their companies that they need someone to serve as their authentic voice in the world of social media.

I’m  committed to the authenticity component. If I don’t know my client and what’s important to them, how can I speak for them and get new clients to engage with them? I spend a lot of time on the front end understanding the mission and values of my client’s business. And that’s just the first step.

There are lots of people willing to do the fancy setups of branding and so forth and manage the social media for businesses. And I think that works well in a retail type of industry. On the other hand, services need authentic content sharing that engages the reader.

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So if you are seeking someone to take over the burden of your participation in the social media world keep that need for authenticity in mind.

Constance Ard
December 2, 2010