I read “The Benefits of Social Enterprise” with interest. The series is all about Social Business and Social Enterprise.  The author’s take on the benefits of social business as applied to the enterprise indicates the shift in knowledge and information assets in today’s economy.

The article breaks down what an enterprise is and it’s level of effectiveness.  What I found interesting was the discussion surrounding the “Clone the Enterprise masters”.

Most significant was the possibility of mastery:

Imagine you could clone the masters within an Enterprise? Copy-and-paste their knowledge, wisdom, tips and tricks, overnight or within a few weeks or months? You could obtain (an appropriate sterile word, don’t you think) a young soul for very little money, fast-forward him or her into mastery within a year, and sell him or her for a tenfold – or just use the knowledge for the good of the company.

The author asserts that social tools can capture the unstructured information and let it flow throughout the enterprise.

Based upon my own research, that is a nice goal but it rarely is implemented effectively. The hierarchies do exist and information resides in silos.  The knowledge assets should be distributed. Without a dedicated knowledge professional working to make that program a success it rarely has the reach and depth that is needed to make the best use of that competitive edge.

Organizations that want to add value through the capture and distribution of organizational knowledge must dedicate more than social technology tools to the efforts.  An information professional can help establish and manage a system that will give you the competitive benefit.

Constance Ard, March 2, 2012