The House of Butter alerted me an interesting tidbit in “WK Buys Online Legal KM Outfit “Legal Intelligence”.  It was a little unclear from HOB’s writeup exactly which unit had made the acquisition so I went to the direct source of the PR release and filled in the blanks just a bit more.

Kluwer Netherlands, a unit of the global information service provider Wolters Kluwer, has taken over Legal Intelligence.

In my experience Wolters Kluwer has been careful with their acquisitions and methodical about the changes to service in acquired properties.  This new venture takes WK into a the arena with the vendors in a space that seems to have lacking some significant investment in one particular area: basic customer service.

Chances are that customers seeking a reliable system will benefit from WK’s investment.  Some infusion of cash to push innovation and a pretty solid customer service reputation bodes well.

Constance Ard October 26, 2011