Yesterday, I met with a client about a possible Open Source Search Project.  Today I’m meeting with some folks to talk about E-Discovery.

SEARCHThe thought that is on repeat in my head is that Search is perhaps the most critical component for cost-effective e-Discovery.  Indexing, proper planning and all the other elements of e-discovery are important.  The truth is that when it’s time to produce, the search mechanism is the best tool to produce the right stuff in the quickest manner possible.

So, I wonder how open source search will impact e-discovery.  These two processes are growing in importance and application.  Even small businesses have ESI that are subject to e-discovery.  Will Open Source search provide an affordable option for those small businesses that can’t afford the Kroll and Applied Discovery options?

It’s certainly a possibility.  MIKE 2.0 is offering some Open Source Solutions for e-discovery.  And IT geeks everywhere have access to Open Source Codes to help with the backend grunt work.

I will continue to explore Open Source Search and its implications and impacts on e-discovery.  If you have suggestions on sources I should not miss please leave a comment.  These two applications are complex and an early morning thought after a weekend of exploration is just not enough.

Author’s Note:  The mention of a commercial or open source application in this post does not constitute and endorsement.  I have received no incentives to write this post.