I read with interest a post, “Google and Synthetic Biology: The Next Big Thing?” from the ever challenging Stephen E Arnold on Beyond Search.  He and his team of crack researchers have stumbled upon some intriguing revelations about some current work happening at Google.

It seems that synthetic biology is the direction of effort at Google[x]Labs. Never mind the search issue created by the name for Google’s R&D facility, what is more intriguing is that the hype around Google Glass seems to be a distracting factor from the work that is happening.  In my lifetime I’ve seen things get smaller and smaller when it comes to computing but not even in my wildest imagination did it occur to me that computing could be inserted into my eye.

Nanotechnology has been quite the buzzword for a few years in computing and manufacturing circles but the application given to nanotechnology within the concept of Google Glass makes for near science fiction type reading.

The usage possibilities of this next generation technology are mind boggling including medical functions.

Arnold suggests a few questions worth serious consideration:

As Google’s founders age, perhaps the nanotechnology will rescue a key engineer from a debilitating illness? Perhaps the nanodevices will allow Google to make each person a walking talking smartphone? No emasculating gizmo required. No silly eyeglasses necessary. The computer is not on the eyeball as a contact lens is. The computer is in the eyeball. Sound like science fiction? I no longer think that generic manipulation and fabrication is reserved for university or US government laboratories. Google has the staff, the money, and the business motivation to push costly, multi-disciplinary inventions from an experimental stage into the product channel.

From a business perspective the future seems bright if Google can move quickly. Google is no longer concentrating efforts on search or even ad revenues, they have seemingly moved on to a true innovation.  It’s like 1998 all over again with a revolution in computing technology that will shift the universe if the Arnold IT team is right on the money. Speaking from experience, this is a crack team of researchers that actually go beyond the first page of web results no matter which search engine they are using so.

Arnold even suggests that those interested in knowing more can contact him for a for-fee briefing. My dollar is on the fact that who ever opts for that option will get their money’s worth and may even get their reality rocked.  If you are seeking some insight into future development in computing, innovative businesses or what Google is really doing the very least you can do is follow the writing of Stephen Arnold. He has a longer write up about this topic at Citizentekk: http://citizentekk.com/2013/08/05/does-google-have-a-top-secret-plan-to-embed-computers-in-our-eyes/.

Constance Ard, August 6, 2013