I read recently in a Beyond Search article, “Shodan and the Scary Side of Search”  the summary of a Forbes article. The original article, “The Terrifying Search Engine that Finds Internet-Connected Cameras, Traffic Lights, Medical Devise, Baby Monitors and Power Plants” is certainly worth the full read. However the abstract from Beyond Search offers a goo look at Shodan.

Invasions or privacy, new methods of terror, voyeurism and other unseemly actions can be facilitated with this search engine.  On a larger scale, the interconnectedness of today’s digital world makes for rich fodder for the likes of Shodan.

As the article states:

The article notes that many modern buildings that house everything from apartments to businesses to government facilities have security, lighting, and HVAC systems connected to the Internet, where they could be hijacked. Even entire power grids could be usurped. The unnerving possibilities seem endless.

However, for every negative there is a positive and Shodan can be used to ensure better security. In the end the Beyond Search conclusion that as consumers we have the responsibility for tightening our personal security is not a statement to be ignored.

Constance Ard, September 26, 2013