If you take a look at the comments to my previous post you will note a comment from Stephen Abram correcting my mistaken identification of him as the author of the post I referenced.  My apologies to Stephen on the incorrect assignment of content from his blog, as his.  The link to the original post is on referenced in the url I used and I overlooked it.

The original content came from Katharine Schopflin at: http://www.cilip.org.uk/cilip/blog/5-reasons-corporate-workplace-needs-librarians. So I will direct my dismay about the “cheap bargain” references to Ms. Schopflin’s work instead.

In my reply to Mr. Abram’s comment on my post, I asked him to please enter the dialog and express his opinion as it was not readily apparent in his re-post of Schopflin’s piece.  I hope we will hear from Stephen and others about their view of the high value investment versus cheap bargain opinions that have been expressed thus far.  The comments available on both Abram’s site and the CILIP site do point to a engaging conversation underway and evolving.

Constance Ard, January 7, 2015