When  I read: Reed Smith Adds New e-Discovery and Records Practice Group to be Led by David R. Cohen  my first thought was now that’s a progressive move.  In reality what Reed Smith has done is continue their  trend of applying business principles to the practice of law.

The statement regarding the change gives a hint:

“With the increased prominence of e-discovery issues in litigation, we determined that the addition of an e-discovery practice group would both complement our existing litigation practice and provide additional value to our clients,” said Colleen Davies, Chair of Reed Smith’s global Litigation Department. “

Making an entire practice group around eDiscovery is a great idea.  However, I find that even firms who want to do a great job of eDiscovery still concentrate on the production, review and processing portions of eDiscovery.  The key component of information management is often an overlooked part of the relationships between firms and their clients.  Perhaps its because the service provider doesn’t have the internal expertise of a dedicated information professional to serve in that capacity.

What a great opportunity exists for the forward thinking eDiscovery service provider, seek, find and form a strategic partnership with a qualified expert in information management and data mapping. Now that would be a tremendous value to clients.

Constance Ard
May 5, 2011