I just returned from the SLA Conference 2008 in Seattle.  This was my first conference as a freelancer and thus the activities I chose were different from those as a law librarian.

I still attended Legal Division events due to my interest and my role as a board member for the Legal Division.  I also embraced events with other divisions and in the Exhibit Hall I took a hard look at information targeted to independent information professionals.

My goal:  to continue my education in order to enhance my client service.  I received a tremendous amount of information and one of the most important networking connections was through a great mentor, Ulla De Stricker, who pointed to me to AIIP.  I’ll be joining AIIP at my earliest convenience.  This association was reiterated to me time and again as the single most important investment a freelancer can make.

I have no doubts about the importance of that investment.  The power of referrals is inestimable in this line of business.  Knowing experts in fields outside of my own will be invaluable as I strive to provide the best services to my clients.

My ultimate goal with my clients is to provide the answers they need.  If by some remote chance I can’t do it myself then I will rely upon the power of my network and refer them to a trusted information professional who can.

A note to clients:  Never Fear….my capacity to provide answers is broad and strong.  So if you have a question call me.