Throughout my career as a librarian I have participated in professional organizations.  SLA is my professional home and I’m proud of the network of friends and colleagues I met through SLA who are such a part of my life.

Without this professional involvement, I would have suffered from a lack of engagement and challenges in my career.  My volunteer activities both with SLA and the Kentucky Library Association offered ways to develop my skills and career beyond my daily work.

I am most proud of the network I have developed through these organizations and I selfishly take pride in the accomplishments of fellow committee and board members.  Thus, I am proud to personally endorse Stacey Greenwell for the position of SLA Division Cabinet Chair-Elect.  You can read about her dedication and commitment to SLA in her own words.

My support for Stacey is based upon my knowledge of her work ethic and her commitment to the advancement of librarianship.  She is committed to sharing the successes and failures of her own innovations so that others can improve and expand for the benefit of their own libraries.  With that kind of commitment to work and a proven leadership record for SLA I know that Stacey will serve members like me well.

My career has benefited from the things I have learned through SLA .   For me to continue my personal progress  and professional development I have to invest an effort in strong leadership. Thus, I support great leaders like Stacey because they are the strength behind SLA’s success.

Constance Ard April 24, 2009

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