It really drives me crazy to call a tech service line and be told to go to the website.  If I could get the info I needed from the website, why would I even bother dialing the number for a sure to be outsourced and unimaginably long hold time with tech service line. (However, once I was finally connected with the guy in India or Pakistan or Area 51, I got excellent help.  Kudos to Linksys for that surprise.)

Illusions of free wi-fi.   When did Starbuck and McDonald’s take away their “free” wi-fi for all customers?

Door-to-door salesman in residential neighborhoods who disregard the “No solicitation” signs.  It makes me want to let my dogs out the door when the doorbell rings in mid-task.

People and especially librarians who downplay their own worth.  Do you think the average person has the skill to find, analyze and organize information?  So why do librarians undermine their own value.  I say, raise the wages, increase the fees and don’t say “no problem” when you complete a project.  We are knowledgable, white collar workers who deserve the recognition of our collegues and clients.

The information explosion alone, makes our skills indispensable.  So go forth my fellow librarians and proclaim your worth.