On November 4, 2009 at the Muhammad Ali Center a new direction in networking will get underway.  The Seed 2020 is an event being organized to give word to women and minority owned-businesses who don’t travel in the GLI circle of networks.

This is an event organized by myself and my colleague Keisha Mabry and is the inspiration of Stephen Arnold.  Business networking in Louisville always seems to have the same faces in the crowd and rarely do attendees hear what a business really needs or how they are a unique offering from everyone else.

Our intention is to use a framework that keeps the event moving smoothly and on schedule but allowing our speakers to really ask for direct support in whatever format they need.  For instance a new business that hasn’t even begun yet needs partners and investors to get started, this is an opportunity to make your pitch.  A consultant that has been in the business for a while has some wisdom to pass along about staying profitable during hard times, use this venue to pass it along.

Small businesses have so much to offer and networking to highlight those offerings for specific purposes is a beneficial action.  There will be time to hear the speakers and really talk with each other during this event.  Now is the time to be visible and we want to widen the visibility beyond the GLI crowd in the Louisville area.

For details about the event and to register to speak or attend please go to TheSeed2020[dot]com.

Constance Ard October 21, 2009