Being a librarian I tend towards collecting and disseminating information that I think will be useful or of interest to my clients.  I did this when I worked at the law firm and it’s one of the activities that I don’t get to indulge in as much as I used to.  So bear with me gentle reader as I “share” information about some of my past blog topics and snippets of things I think you might find interesting.  Pretend its your very own, undefined special delivery news alert.

Social networking meets law students:  Networking tools aimed at the law school demographic are described here.

FastCase is now available to members of the Oregon Bar.  See the news story here.

It looks like the PACER petition got its required signatures and has been submitted to the powers that be.  Read more about it here. that interesting new search engine that I mentioned last week has a further analysis from social media guru Jason Falls.

Constance Ard September 23, 2009