I was browsing around the EDRM site last week and took a look at the developments for the Information Governance Reference Model. If you haven’t looked at this before, now might be a good time to do so.

This framework addresses some model behaviors that can lead to a high value business process that includes protective measures.

The IGRM Project aims to offer guidance to Legal, IT, Records Management, line-of-business leaders and other business stakeholders within organizations. The Project seeks to facilitate dialogue among these stakeholders by providing a common language and reference for discussion and decision-making based on the needs of the organization.

The various departments and stakeholders involved in the use, management and compliance needs of organizational information may be able to use this tool to communicate standards and policies that will allow for better protection. Enterprise information is a high value commodity within any company. Using it, managing it and keeping it fresh can be a strong competitive edge. This model may be instrumental in helping you find a way to remain competitive.

Constance Ard, December 5, 2012