The previous post I authored was POST 100.  That’s a pretty big milestone for Answer Maven.

I really hadn’t noticed until I sat down to write this post and the whole planned theme went out the window.  I’ve been working on a few project proposals over the last several weeks and realize that Milestones are a critical factor in project management.

Identifying key milestones early keeps projects on schedule. The success of the project is defined by the successful completion of milestone events.  The challenge in preparing for a project is recognizing which tasks will end with a completed MILESTONE.

Choosing  a project leader is no easy task.  Stakeholders must find someone capable of laying out tasks, setting reasonable schedules to accomplish those tasks and identify the key events all while working and delegating work according to plan.  The result being a finalized project wit the milestones checked off; success itself.

I continue to revise and edit my business plan as the business continues to grow and evolve.  One of the things I need to add into my own plan are Key Events and Milestones.   All projects benefit from such endeavors even if the project only has one grunt doing the planning and the execution.

If you have a project of any type I highly recommend taking a few moments to think about the milestones that will allow you to measure your work so that you do not get derailed from your track to success.

Constance Ard Wednesday February 18, 2009