Tonight I had the privilege of meeting a small and powerful group of women who own their own business or want to own their own business.  What I discovered in this group is that many of us deal with similar struggles:

  • work-life balance
  • being interested and capable in multiple areas
  • needing the right connections to grow their business

Throughout the evening the group worked to help each other focus on one thing they wanted to improve and by the end of the evening we had concrete things to do to make the improvement.

Thus the reason for tonight’s post.  I’m often asked “What is it exactly you do?”  In the library and information technology world terms like taxonomy, content management and improving search are not foreign, outside of that world and my business description becomes a foreign language.

Clarity as Bright as a Light Bulb or Two

I often say that I provide information solutions for anyone struggling to maximize their information investment but that’s a short and unclear answer.  I came away tonight, thanks to Denise and the others, with a very succinct and understandable tagline that should open conversations quite nicely.

My business aims to help you understand, organize and use your information.  If you would like to know more you can check out the new website at for the canned language or you can give me a call to tell me what information problem you are having and maybe we can find a solution together.

Constance Ard