Answer Maven Solutions offers our own strategic social media management services.  You may ask why a librarian by training would  offer services related to marketing a business.  The answer is simple, it’s not marketing – its authentic content and strategic business consulting.

It’s not about numbers and it’s not about fast growth. I recently had a meeting with one of my clients who said why is the growth slow for our accounts.  I said, I’m not about numbers.  If you want fast growth, you should find someone else. It’s not that our clients for social media management don’t see growth; it’s just that  we are much more concerned about content and engagement.  Yes, I am a librarian.

I carefully select the client to which I offer my social media management services.  I spend a lot of time with the client creating a thorough profile and I have ongoing communication to ensure authentic voice for the client’s that I manage.  For Answer Maven, managed social media is more than monitoring and growing numbers.  We want our clients to succeed by gaining business.  Closing deals because we are presenting our client’s authentic voice and expertise online is much more desirable than having 5000 Twitter followers.  Our Strategic Social Media services are designed to help you grow your revenue and client base not your unengaged followers.

Answer Maven builds a relationship with our clients, we know and understand their business and we communicate to keep the messages fresh and relevant.  We are not a solution for retail clients who need traffic and have promotions to offer.  Our management is much more appropriate for a small business owner who does not have time or interest in learning one more thing that will take time away from their primary work.  A one to two hour preliminary meeting to establish the profile, a communication schedule to check the progress and the message and the results of new business because of the expert message that has been delivered is what we do.

So if social media is important to you and you are seeking to share content and engage new clients or retain existing ones,  a librarian by background may be your ANSWER.  If you are seeking fast numbers that don’t engage, Answer Maven is NOT your solution.

Constance Ard

Note:  This blog is a marketing venue for Answer Maven and calls are welcome if you are seeking a Strategic Social Media Solution as described.