My e-discovery posts take a lot of time and careful construction so I’m not ready for part two of why the INFORMATION MANAGEMENT component of the EDRM is so essential to business processes.

It’s been a busy week of meetings, marketing,and researching. Plans are in development for an educational event on e-discovery with FlexDiscovery Solutions.  I’ve also been honing the explanation of Answer Maven e-discovery solutions so that I can start a conversation with someone who knows nothing about the process and they don’t glaze over after 10 seconds.  Answer Maven believes that information management is a critical component of e-discovery preparedness.

What I want to highlight today is the success our client’s experience when they use our Social Media Management services.  While I market my business, I am not a marketer.  What I am is a content expert.  That expertise is what sets Answer Maven’s Social Media services apart from others.  We are not who you call if you want to gain 5000 followers in a week.

Our belief in the fact that a company or service provider should engage with their customers and their community is the foundation of our service.  We get to know our customer, their business, their values, their  mission and their goals.  We get to know our customer’s customers.  This knowledge allows us to produce quality,usable information that engages a client’s customer base.  We highlight successes, we share stories, we share resources.  We share, on behalf of our customer, their expertise and we are their authentic voice.


Businesses should target social media for specific goals.

You may wonder why a customer would use our services.  The easy answer is we manage the social media stream efficiently. A business owner often wants an option that can be outsourced so that they can run their business.   Our product has options that the customer can choose from that meets their business goals.  We help define the strategy, the outlets and we work with the customer on the themes.  This method has two benefits: content stream and content engagement.  This method gives us the information we need to support the customer and allow that customer to get back to business.


One customer has been using the services for 6 months.  Their results are so positive that we have extended our contract and set new goals.  When you Google “workshop” the customer is number two. Not bad for a pretty generic term.  Our goals for the next several months are to improve Google results with other specific search terms.

If you want to know how Answer Maven’s Social Media Management can provide authentic content that improves your own web search results give us a call.  Don’t call me for marketing or SEO, that’s not my expertise.  I am a CONTENT Expert.  Are you?


Constance Ard

Note: This blog is a marketing outlet for Answer Maven Solutions. Rarely do we write a pure market/sell piece.  This piece has gems of information you can take and use on your own. It’s our Freebie to you.