The explanatory phrase that content was king drove a lot of web development decisions over the past 20 years.  How people consumed content influenced the design and delivery. Responsive websites are essential today because mobile consumption drove traffic.

Today there is a push for artificial intelligence to drive content marketing. With the continuous advancement of AI and its push into financial, legal, health and other industries,  it is important for us to understand how AI will continue to evolve.

In The Year AI-First Will Become the New Mobile-First, we get a look at AI’s influence on setting and meeting consumer expectations. As with most things web related the key influencer in this change is Google.

“2016 also started to spell the end of the phrase mobile-first, as Google coined a new, important phrase: AI-first. Mobile as-a-device is becoming the connecting tissue between channels. As such, it’s sen less as a device and more as a means for connecting deeply with your consumer in the moments that matter. It is the intelligence personal content or solutions delivered via the devices- more and more powered by machine learning and AI-that will become the dominant force.”

It all sounds very exciting. From simply considering the length of a blog post to realizing that our devices are constantly learning what we review, where we navigate to and how we share what we have consumed, the production of content has transformed.

It will do us well to consider the warning of risk pointed out in the article:

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates all agree that true AI represents the “biggest risk to human existence.”

AI is exciting. AI is transformative. AI is automatic. The technical developments are continuous and the possibilities seem limitless. How we manage our roles within this new world of automated content delivery and consumption should not be automatic. It should be thoughtful and informed. For the average content user AI is passive, that passiveness is exactly where opportunity lies for innovative individuals who understand the new universe driven by AI-first.

Constance Ard
April 25, 2017