It has been quite some time since I came to this space to offer thoughts and reflections. As I sit in my living room, looking out at the rain and catching up on podcasts, I am feeling quite reflective.

There have been a multitude of articles, podcasts and more reflecting on the changes in our daily lives and daily work lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am preparing to enter week seven of remote work. This is no longer the new normal. This is also not temporary.

I began the remote work with a strong sense of comfort and familiarity. For those of you who have read my writing in the past you know that I worked from home during the hay day of Answer Maven. For 9 years “remote” work was my life.

Returning to work in my home office returned me to the spirit of entrepreneurship, focused project work and the very different rythme of not being in an office. The contrast of the work I did as Answer Maven and the work I’m doing from home now is striking. That doesn’t mean there aren’t commonalities.

I have used my experience to support my team and share with colleagues who have not previously worked from home things that worked for me. I’ve learned a few things in the process of that sharing.

  1. Your Routine is key
    • Kids and pets are part of the routine
  2. Some need to “get dressed” for work – others don’t
  3. Two monitors is luxury
  4. A good desk chair is imperative to comfort & a luxury for some
  5. Changing your environment is a luxury
  6. Spending time around the virtual water cooler is as essential to getting work done as the work itself.
  7. Sunshine helps

It is important to note that these are my learnings. Anyone who is dealing with remote work will have their own discoveries.

As a team leader and as a team member, perhaps the most revealing discovery is the humanness that this crisis highlights. No matter who I speak with throughout the organization everyone is being touched by this crisis. As I connect with my colleauges across the globe, I realize we share common experiences, challenges, frustrations and most importantly hope.

As the crisis continues and we settle further into remote work I will focus on the hope, concentrate on the connections and make time for the sunshine. I will make room for camaraderie and embrace our shared human experience.