Many businesses are concerned about Social Media and SEO.  Due to the participatory nature of the Internet now, businesses are concerned about findability and reputation tracking.

Companies, organizations and agencies create and use lots of information.  I’ve written about information overload in the past.   Information users are overwhelmed by the influx of data and frustrated by the inability  to easily and quickly find what they need or want.

Good information strategy results in better findabilty.

Good information strategy results in better findabilty.

Findability is important.  In order to make information findable creators and publishers must employ strategy.  Successful information publication and retrieval requires processes and policy.

Policy must consider a multitude of items.  First and foremost is what users really are seeking.  Is it news, events or contact info.  The review and use of analytics can provide valuable quantitative guidance.  Other considerations include:

  • Valued Information i.e. research reports, organizational guides
  • Information creation sources i.e.  speeches, video, PR releases.
  • Social Media content i.e. Facebook groups and user comments

With the right policies and processes and the strategic use of analytics, organizations can place the right content in front of their users.  This will help recruit and retain users and thus support for the organization no matter what the mission is.  Without a well employed  information strategy you could lose your users.