I think information overload is a reality.  I think that learning to manage information is important for all information consumers.  RSS feeds, smart email use and other “best practices” can be used to manage information.

It seems that the condition of information overload is so prevalent tha a non-profit has been formed.  IORG Information Overload Research Group works to determine best practices and build business cases for fighting information overload.

Technology both helps and hinders information overload.  Web 2.0 tools add and detract to quality information practices.  Helping information consumers use technology and Web 2.0 to save themselves time and find and use the data needed to solve problems, make decisions and answer questions.

One of my favorite tools for managing information overload is my blog reader.  With this tool I can manage incoming information and read at my convenience.  RSS feeds have allowed me to successfully follow the advise of a dear mentor who said early in my career that librarians must always know what is going on.

There are many tools and practices that can assist in you own information management.  What is your favorite tool?  Do you need help teaching your employees how to use the available tools in order to improve you bottom line?