How big is eDiscovery? Really big! In a CMS Wire article, “Overview of e-Discovery Across the Microsoft Office Platform #spc12” we see that Microsoft is pushing into the technology wolf pack that is circling the corporate eDiscovery wagon.

At a recent Sharepoint Conference, author Mike Ferrera sat in on a session by Quentin Christensen, Program Manager at Microsoft and learned just how Microsoft was addressing the eDiscovery landscape.

Quentin began the session by talking about the nuances of e-Discovery, specifically Identify and Preserve, Search and Process, Review and Produce, and how Microsoft plans to address these. The main driver behind Microsoft’s e-Discovery push is in-place hold, query and export, which will give the legal team the ability to create case sites very quickly without having to call IT.

Like many technology vendors that offer eDiscovery solutions, Microsoft is paying less attention to the front end of the EDRM, especially the information management portion.

A company that seeks to get the best bang for their information technology and information management investments will do well to create a data map, and put in place governance measures that make the preserve, search and process work more cost-effective to manage.

Constance Ard, December 6, 2012