Earlier this week this chart was shared with me and I just had to take a moment to commend the Ritter Academy on doing a really detailed but one page graphic on a very complicated process.

When you take the multiple complex steps of a process and make a visual checklist it improves the chances that important steps are not missed.  I especially like the RULES section.  The governance of information is a critical factor.  Without ownership and accountability information can balloon out of control  or disappear like the wind.

The collaboration sector is also an important component – I think I would put space in for Knowledge Manager or Information Center Director.  Organizations with these officers, in addition to the Records Manager, will benefit from an inclusion.

All in all, I’d say the Ritter Academy has provided an extremely useful tool for anyone interested in mapping best practices for information management in the eDiscovery context.  Thanks for the share @Jeffrey_Ritter.

Constance Ard

June 3, 2011