This post was brought to my attention through a listserv message that seemed to rail against the David Pogue’s endorsement of Google Search.

Now, I know the importance and value of the deep-web and the need for employing excellent and expert search techniques when conducting in-depth research.  However, my reading of Mr. Pogue’s post really wasn’t targeting Google as the end-all be-all of that type of research.  He was using Google for “everything” as described in a “populist” sense.

I must agree that when searching for blog postings or Amazon books or wikipedia articles, Google just makes it simpler, less steps, good reliable results.  The average user is satisfied with good reliable results.  That’s why Google is successful and will continue to be successful.

So use Google when it is appropriate.  And my fellow librarians and search mavens, don’t dismiss an endorsement of Google just because “everything” is mentioned.  In information there are no absolutes.