This morning, I woke up with the thought that a post relevant to our effort at The Seed 2020 to provide networking and educational opportunities for women and minority owned businesses in Louisville was the perfect topic for today’s post.

So I hit the Google Reader and do a quick search and am delighted by the headline “Louisville creates business incentive programs.” Funding is provided by:

Green Stimulus

U.S. Department of Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant, federal stimulus funds, and city funds.

The purpose is to encourage economic development in Green Technology.  You can get the details of these stimulus packages from the Business First article.

The article immediately made me think of Dr. Tyra Oldham.  Dr. Tyra Oldham, one of tonight’s speakers at The Seed 2020, is a leader in green construction.  Her company Land, offers engineering, design and much more to clients who wish to “shift from grey to green.”

I met Dr. Oldham at  our inaugural event for The Seed 2020.  This group, the brain child of Stephen Arnold is leading the pack in combining education and networking to provide its own stimulus for economic development and partnerships in Louisville.

Tonight Dr. Oldham will discuss the use of social media to develop connections and form partnerships.  The rest of tonight’s panel will touch on brand building and trends in social media.

Please join us for a night of networking and education at Blue Mountain Coffee House at 6 pm.  Dr. Oldham and the rest of the panel will deliver in 10 minutes or less, the gems of their success in the social media world.

Constance Ard February 25, 2010