Today, I’m going to get away from content management and taxonomy for a bit.  I want to talk a bit about productivity.  Since launching Answer Maven just over two years ago, I’ve been busy building the business.  As any self-employed person will tell you, to do it right, you will work harder than you ever did in a 9-5 job.

A lot of my days are 18 hour days with about 14 of those being work hours.  Not every day.  I am continuing to finesse the work-life balance.  At my latest birthday I received from a dear friend a fly fishing kit which included rod, reel, and immediate necessities.  I also received from another near and dear person, a day-long fly fishing class.  For years I had gotten away from one of my old leisure activities for a lot of different reasons.

Earlier this spring, I restarted this old habit.  For me, it is definitely more about the process than the catching and that’s a good thing.  When I first began my business, I worked part-time for a company and did a lot of driving in that position – that was a good time to think.  I’ve now replaced the drive time thinking with fishing.  Now, I’m not equaling the think time by any means, but I’m also not getting paid to fish.  (If only I could!)

What I have learned over the past few months is that a few hours of quiet time fishing allows me to wipe the slate clean or muddle out a problem while not really “working.”  When I was a law librarian, I would grab some BNA Tax Portfolios to file for while working to solve a problem, or if it was a particularly nettlesome situation I would grab the USTR.  I must say, I much prefer the fishing solution.

So, the conclusion of this personal productivity post is that as I continue to work on building Answer Maven into your content management or information management resource, I will fish for the future.  As I fish, I may not catch the big one but inevitably, I will find the Answer.