OK, I have to admit, I’m enamored of the new JCPenny marketing hype so I read “JCPenney’s Fair and Square Pricing Policy Would Make Mr. Penney Proud” because I wanted to.

I’m writing about the story because it made me think of the importance of mission, vision and goals in business and the need to be committed to those three foundations throughout the organization.

I appreciate anything related to retail that reduces my confusion.  My friends will tell you, I’m a go to the same store at the same time and buy what I need kind of person.  JCPenny’s new campaign is effective for me because I know what to expect.

As the article explains:

The goal of the policy, according to Ron Johnson, the store’s new CEO, is to lower the prices and lessen the confusion of the many in-store and mailbox promotions the company (and its competitors) had been printing and sending.

This combined with JCPenny’s long tradition of excellent customer service has put a store that was not on my radar in my routine again.  It’s a place I actually think about going now.

I just gotta say, Fair and Square and knowing that I can get the things I need and I don’t have to think about whether or not the price is actually fair I’m a new convert. I say well done and I too think Mr. Penny would be prod.

Constance Ard, March 9, 2012