SNS is hot.  Last fall I had the opportunity to educate folks on the use of Social media in investigation and marketing.  This winter, I’ve been busy with some traditional information projects but SNS keeps creeping back into play.

The Seed 2020 events for February and March will focus on a variety of SNS aspects.  I’m a part of a new venture with the Beyond Search team and our SNS-Strategic Social Networking endeavors.  What I find amazing is that the opportunities with SNS are seemingly infinite.  Strategy is necessary.  People often go in to the land of Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In (3 of the top SNS sites) without a plan for what they want to happen in this new landscape.  Sure some success occurs just because you are there but if you successfully implement a strategy the success will multiply.

Superbowl Battle Experience v. Opportunity

o my Superbowl battle for the present is the contest between some of the traditional services I’m currently engaged in related to research and information content procedures and the ripe strength of the upcoming SNS contender.  Eventually the SNS stuff will triumph but I have to get through that 4th quarter first.

Is your business ready to set the playbook in motion for SNS?  Businesses that ignore this new competitive landscape will lose.  The game will be about strategy and frequency and filling the hole.  Rarely is social networking though of as enduring but as the search results creep into Google and other search engines from Facebook and Twitter endurance and social media will remain intertwined.

Constance Ard February 3, 2010