On October 20, 2016, Kris Martin and I co-presented to the SLA Legal Division on HBR Consulting’s Evolving Libraries for Law Firms Survey.

We shared highlights and observations from the survey and then discussed the survey findings in context of services and products with a look at how the data we gathered in the survey is informing future actions.

A couple of things stand out from the work we did in this, the first Evolving Libraries Survey.

  1. Law library leaders are well prepared for the future
  2. Services provided by law firm libraries are becoming more specialized
  3. Stakeholders value specialized, direct services, most significantly competitive intelligence, very highly

I enjoyed working with the HBR RIS team on preparing, conducting, and analyzing the survey. I think this tool is a good first step in defining the trends that will define best practice standards for law firm libraries.

Not that every “best practice” trend is right for every firm. However, getting a bit of insight into the services, technologies and structure relative to your peer firms is certain to be useful as you prepare for the future.

If you didn’t participate in the 2016 survey, watch for the 2017 survey and consider adding your two cents worth. It just may prove to be a useful in your preparation for the future.

Note: The recording from the SLA Legal presentation is available here.