ZDNet has pronounced top 10 technology and business trends that will influence the enterprise through the 2010s.  In 10 Technology Trends That Will Define Enterprise Architecture in the 2010s the author lists out some interesting movements in cloud services, personal devices and the all important social landscape.

It may sound hokey, and yet, I think it’s spot on is Trend #4

4) Holistic integration enables agile enterprises. The silos are breaking down, but technology “does not overcome cultural obstacles.” A more holistic approach is emerging to address both technical and business integration, says Hopkins.

Companies such as Polyspot are pushing the envelope on enterprise data with a central access point through well-developed solutions and applications.  I think this holistic trend just might be the one to watch.

I do think virtualization, cloud storage and applications will continue to influence how businesses function.  Personal devices are not going to disappear, for risk management reasons companies need to get a grip on the use.  The exposure risks for company data on personal devices are a threat to risk mitigation in an ever-growing world of eDiscovery litigation action.

Constance Ard October 18, 2011