The University of Texas School of Law Tarlton Law Library has recently launched a new resource related to energy legislation and policy.

If energy policy and legislation is your particular area of interest or practice don’t miss this site.  The site is enabled with RSS feeds and the resources provided are a product of literature review by the Law Library staff of incoming periodicals, journals and law reviews.

The articles are listed in reverse chronological order and .pdf of the first page of the document is provided for your review.  The downside of this organization style is that there does not seem to be a sub-subject organizational structure provided or even an author index. Of course there are only two dates of article upload dates listed at this point so it would be worthwhile to check back later.

As it stands, the organization structure in place is very conducive to the RSS feed style of current awareness.  However, I would recommend optional features for future research use of the site.  Of course, the sources being provided are already being indexed on a greater scale into existing indexing products and thus there may be a very good reason not to reinvent the wheel and I’m all for not reinventing the wheel.

In essence this is a source that provides to you a high quality distillation of the many possibilities available on the topic of energy policy current awareness.  Use it with the power of an RSS feed reader and you will be on top of the mass of literature for Energy Policy.

Constance Ard February 7, 2009