Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a law librarian who moved to the area from Washington D.C.  She contacted me to get an idea of the law library landscape in Louisville Ky.  Well, I’ve been out of the law firm world for over three yeas now, so I made sure I invited someone along that was in the field.  It was a fun lunch.

And an informative one. The questions our new friend asked, allowed me to reflect a bit on some of the good things I did in the land of law firm libraries.  My boss at the time was fantastic and encouraging when it came to finding new ways to demonstrate the value of the library.

So, I gave credit where it was due, and talked about a few of the simple things I did during my career that I think went a long ways toward not only demonstrating the value of library services but in actually adding value.

  • Hand deliver projects
  • Create Cover Sheets to Identify Your Product
  • Collaborate with Marketing

Simple steps that seemed revolutionary.  These additions allowed my service to emerge from the hidden library office to the hallways and conference rooms and the change was noticeable.

So if you are struggling to show why you are valuable, maybe you can reflect and see if something as simple as delivering a project in person can make a difference and allow you to emerge from the masses and be seen as a valuable asset.

Constance Ard October 24, 2011