Have you ever wished you could call your very own librarian/researcher and say “Find X?” Wouldn’t that be a great service to have when you were short on time or the question was just beyond reach for you?

Now you can, you can call me, the Answer Maven. With my expertise and experience you will get the answers you need faster and cheaper. Best of all, you can rest assured that the Answers are right. I have 13 years of experience with business and legal research. I will deliver the information you need, the way you need it. I will give you the short answer that allows you to move on to the next project quickly and you will have the background data to use when you are ready for it.

If you have a client that demands an in-depth research project don’t take time away from your other clients, call your librarian. The Answer Maven will give you and your client exactly what is needed. I provide an Overview/Executive Summary with every project and I have the ability to package information into presentation ready formats. So don’t worry about finding X yourself. Let the Answer Maven find XY&Z.

Constance Ard February 26, 2009