It looks like there is another gem referenced in Stephen E. Arnold’s Beyond Search Blog. An article  earlier this week: New Business Service Debuts: caught my attention.

This time Beyond Search has alerted us to  From what I can see, this source has a backfile of information about prepaid credit cards, what they are, what they cost and who, if anybody is regulating them.

What I found interesting about the Beyond Search writeup was the discussion about using prepaid cards as a control cost measure.  So I went directly to the source.

It is indeed a true vertical file. The depth of the research in this new service is impressive.  This resource goes beyond the snippets you get from sites whose main purpose is to sell prepaid cards.  While Quasar Capital Advisors seems to be using the service for a unique method of advertising,  I appreciate the approach.

Using information from relevant, high value open source documents to build a file of information that saves researchers time  is a good new approach.  I would love to see more of these subject specific vertical files.

Constance Ard, August 3, 2011