Answer Maven wants to take a moment and reflect on some things that enterprises can be thankful for in the world of e-Discovery.  The spirit of the season has inspired us to think of a few things in the complicated world of e-Discovery for which company’s can be thankful.

  1. Cost Containment is Possible.
  2. Records Management, Knowledge Management and IT cooperation protects and prepares enterprises for the inevitable.
  3. In this global economy, technology offers solutions for multi-lingual documents.  This saves some money and can help streamline the process.
  4. Early Case Assessment saving you time and money.
  5. The fact that many e-discovery solutions also help users better manage their content.

So while e-discovery remains complicated and costly, the fact that it is becoming a part of the daily pattern of business puts a silver lining in the cloud.  Working to create internal processes on the front-end will save time, money, and probably help avoid some litigation costs in the long run….and that is something for which to give Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving from Miller and Constance, your Answer Mavens.