Tuesday, December 30, 2008 8:00 p.m. EST

This LLX.com article by Marcus P. Zillman offers a wealth of information.  Most librarians will have already learned about this summary through their own sources.   For those of you who are not librarians I think you will find this of great value.

The invisible or deep web is the place to look beyond Google.  These are the pages with research reports,  grey literature and people finders.  The wealth of information available on the web is beyond my ability to comprehend  Google indexes over 1 trillion pages and they don’t index everything.

Don’t let the term scare you.  You may not even realize that you use the Deep Web.  For instance your public library catalog, the GPO search engine, and the Internet Archive all make up a part of the deeper web.

The Library of Congress collects information to support the work of Congress on every imaginable topic.  You can publish something useful on the Internet that will provide valuable information to someone but can they find it?  This collection of studies and guides into the deep web give you an advantage.  Use it to deepen your research returns.