While catching up on email this morning I came across a new resource.  As a practicing law librarian I always found great value in content produced by law firms.

Fee Fie Foe Firms uses  Google Custom search and allows you to search for press releases, firm bulletins and articles.  A quick search of e-discovery best practices returned some valuable information.

It seems that they have added a date filter which will be a useful filter.  I was disappointed by the non-chronological display of search results.  However, the refining links to narrow results by publications, people, expertise or media releases is an advantage to this new research tool.

Another useful box on the site is the jurisdiction choice box.  The default is USA but Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, UK and South Africa are available for searching.  I did not search outside the US jurisdiction so if anyone has and can offer comments please post in the Comments field below.

Overall I think legal researchers will be able to mine for some useful gems with this deep web resource.

Constance Ard January 19, 2009