Once I have a bit of time, I’m going to dive a little bit deeper into the Open Access movement stuff that is going on in the legal research world.

Sarah Glassmeyer, has a helpful new post titled Open Law? that gives a great run down of some sources.  I’ve mentioned how I feel about the PACER Petition in previous posts.  In , I hold true to my belief that PACER is a cost-effective tool.

The stuff that I stumbled through on the PublicResource.org site tonight made my eyes light up.  Unfortunately I was not able to ignore the fact that this was definitely a resource that would have to be carefully reviewed to find just the right thing.  This site has great depth in resources but it will not be a time efficient research tool.

I think the Open Law movement will continue to grow and develop, but the access will definitely require even more meaningful access as noted by Richard Leiter.